The church of the convent


The church of Sant’Anna is also called the Convent because it is annexed to the former sperlinghese monastery of the barefoot Augustinians, a religious order founded in 1593 in the “kingdom of the two Sicilies”, born from the Congregation of the Hermits of Centuripe, called the Hermits of Sicily. Giovanni Stefano Oneto, lord and duke of Sperlinga, followed the example of other Sicilian feudal lords and in 1679 offered the barefoot Augustinians to finance the “factory of said Convent and Church from the foundations to perfection, at their own expense” and to contribute to the maintenance and sustenance of the friars.

The father of graces

The Father of Graces is the Crucifix that is preserved in the church of the convent. Christ is called the Father of graces because he is carried in procession only for great events. At one time it was carried in procession to impetrate exceptional and extraordinary graces, such as rain during long periods of drought. The crucifix dominates the main altar of the church and is a valuable sculpture dating back to about the mid ‘700 when the Augustinians settled in the sperlinghese convent and officiated the church. It is the work of a late epigon of Fra’ Umile da Petralia, perhaps one of his best pupils, but not yet identified. In fact, it imitates some of the most recurrent expressive styles: the muscular body full of harmony, covered with hematomas, flaying and bloody bruises; the face covered with blood, framed by a beard, and carefully sculpted hair, sunken eyes, is the most evocative part of the sculpture.

Historic Places

Discover the historic places of Sperlinga, where every corner tells compelling stories. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage, with each stone resonating with a timeless narrative.

The Castle

The Castle

The rock site of Sperlinga Castle reveals traces of an important place of worship dating back to the Bronze Age.

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